8-Count Pack Aroma Mask Patch | Fragrant White Sticker

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√ Gently scented with blended Eucalyptus🌿  Peppermint🌱  Lemon🍋  oils for everyday use.
√ 100% natural essential oils and alcohol-free.
√ Lasts up to 6 hours.
√ Strong adhesion for extended use.
√ 8-count per pack
√ Comes in 2 designs: white & duck
√ Works with all types of masks: cotton, non-woven fabric, and filter masks
√ Available in different packs: Individual & Packs of 3, 5 and 10
√ Made in Korea


Directions: Apply one scented sticker on the outside or inside of the mask. The fragrance will last up to 6 hours. You can also place it on your shirt, pillow, or anywhere you need a boost of fresh minty scent!


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